Video: Maintenance Automation in SAP System Environments

Video: Maintenance Automation in SAP System Environments

Maintenance automation in SAP system environments can help fend off potential issues, such as critical business applications becoming unavailable and security gaps that disrupt business operations.

Business decision-makers seek to reduce downtime, speed up deployment, and enhance security when deciding on a maintenance automation approach. SAP architects and SAP Basis administrators drive the decisions on how to deploy end-to-end maintenance automation in SAP system environments to align with business objectives.

In this Technology Insight, SAPinsider’s Vice President and Research Director Robert Holland sat down with Ricardo Garcia Cavero, Principal Portfolio Architect at Red Hat, to discuss strategies for maximizing maintenance operations in SAP system environments.

Watch the video to get insights on how:
- Automating maintenance today with a vision of the future using strategies around Day 1 and Day 2 operations.
- Infrastructure as code tied to a centralized platform for maintenance automation can eliminate the time and money needed to configure physical hardware and close the door to errors.
- Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform template modules, built on information gathered from organizations running SAP systems, allow SAP customers to automate the maintenance of multiple systems straightforwardly.

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