SAP Enterprise Adoption Is Growing

SAP Enterprise Adoption Is Growing

With the advent of SAP S/4HANA and the cloud, enterprise adoption has changed and accelerated. SAP customers need more from their software strategies and investments in order to digitally transform, but they are faced with multiple challenges, including a need to balance business needs, remain compliant with global and local regulations, and enable and empower their workforce in an ever-changing environment continually subject to disruption. 

SAPinsider’s Chief Research Officer Rizal Ahmed sat down with SAP’s Global Head of SAP Enterprise Adoption, Eva Zauke, to learn about why SAP customers are adopting today. 

Global expansion, says Zauke, is becoming a growing trend among enterprises that want to transform and continue on their intelligent enterprise journey. 

The value benefits of business and technology adoption the way Zauke sees them are similar to those that can be achieved by the intelligent enterprise — enabling customers to make impactful changes to run their business and in turn become more resilient, perform better, and be more sustainable — in essence, a best-run business.  

  • Resiliency – With ongoing global requirements and constantly evolving local legislations and regulations, Zauke defines this as the ability to adapt quickly.   
  • Performance – This can be measured in two facets: The efficiency of digital processes (i.e., tax reporting, invoicing, exchange of documents) and employee performance.  
  • Sustainability – SAP contributes to sustainability in the areas of reduction and optimizing the carbon footprint by reporting on respective regulations and also by helping companies manage the resource of the employee and evolving the digital transformation in a sustainable way. 

Watch this video and learn about SAP’s goals around enterprise adoption and how SAP is helping customers achieve theirs. 

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