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  1. Impact 20: How ABB Streamlines Testing of Large Scale Projects

    Mitigate business challenges Hear from the global engineering company ABB about how they are mitigating their business challenges and successfully completing large-scale testing projects using Panaya smart testing solution.
  2. Impact20: How Data Archival Reduces Cloud Spend and Business Risks

    Learn the benefits of leveraging Data Archiving Services for SAP Massive database sizes directly impact the complexity and cost of cloud migration, and often impact not only migration timelines, but also the possibility of compliance risks. The solution: Controlling data volumes by safely archiving data before it impacts performance, cost, availability, and migration success. Join…
  3. Anand-Kameswaran

    Impact20: Continuous Testing with Remote Execution

    How can your organization keep pace? Test more, worry less. The speed of innovation continuous to increase, driving rapid and relentless change for today’s ever-evolving IT landscapes, creating greater risk as IT and business teams scramble to ensure timely delivery. With Worksoft’s Connective Automation Platform, you can easily build and maintain automated tests, accelerating testing…
  4. Impact20: Auditing SAP License Usage before moving to S/4HANA

    There is no denying that SAP applications make it easy for organizations in almost every industry to streamline their business processes. However, that ease doesn’t include SAP software license management, which by all accounts, is considered one of the most complex compared to other ERP vendors. When migrating to S/4HANA, performing an independent license audit…
  5. Briony-Kempton

    Impact20: ONESOURCE – Efficiency Through Connectivity

    Learn how the ONESOURCE platform can deliver connectivity and compliance for finance teams by utilising APIs and discover how Statutory Reporting content for compliance. · ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting content for compliance Demo of how APIs can link SAP to ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting and the efficiency this delivers
  6. Mandeep Lall

    Impact20: Streamlining Your Accounting and Improving Collaboration with ONESOURCE

    Learn how the ONESOURCE platform can deliver improvements for Finance teams. Dive deep into how to optimize your financial operations and determine transactional taxes across the globe with the tax content powered application. Are you looking to automate staying up to date legislative changes and simplify your ERP configuration? Discover the ways ONESOURCE delivers added-value…
  7. Greg Wendt

    Impact20: Real-Time SoD Detection & Prevention

    Static, role-based access controls are reaching their limitations. This is especially apparent with the enforcement of Segregation of Duties in SAP. While RBAC has value in its simplicity, relying on a static SoD model poses constraints. By integrating attribute-based access controls (ABAC) into SoD policies, organizations can now overcome many of these challenges. Together, this…
  8. Ricardo Cavero

    Impact20: Automating your SAP Environment, Part 1

    In Part 1 of this 2-part demo, we’ll prepare to configure an HA cluster environment using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. We’ll discuss the currently available Ansible Roles for SAP, deploy SAP using a Workflow template, and preconfigure SAP HANA servers for deployment.
  9. Reiner Bachthaler

    Impact20: Unleash the Power of SAP in the Cloud with a Fast and Automated Transition

    For the next 5-10 years to come, for most enterprises one key challenge will be to master the transition of their SAP landscapes into the cloud. Master implies to achieve a fast and efficient transition process and make smart and informed decisions on which data to move into the cloud. But also achieving a full…
  10. Alexander-Noordergraaf

    Impact20: Simplify Success in the Google Cloud for Complex SAP Systems

    When migrating mission-critical applications, such as those from SAP, enterprises often face unexpected challenges that impede cloud success and delay return on investment. With more than 10+ years of experience and 3000+ successful SAP migrations, Virtustream, a Dell Technologies business, has developed a full suite of professional and managed services to simplify success in the…