Trust Matters! The SAP Security Strategy and Roadmap

Trust Matters! The SAP Security Strategy and Roadmap

This session provides an up-to-date overview of SAP security strategy as well as their related solutions and products. The intelligence and persistence of potential threats is only increasing. There is growing attention on SAP systems as they house organization’s most critical data and business assets. SAP is expanding its security expertise and solution portfolio accordingly.
In this session you will:
- Gain an introduction to the latest security features that will help you protect on-premise, hybrid and cloud architectures
- Understand how the latest solutions and services such as SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication, SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning, SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, SAP Single Sign-On, and SAP Identity Management can bring value to your enterprise security platform
- Get a detailed explanation of security features related to SAP’s platform-as-a-service offering, SAP Cloud Platform

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