Tips for enhancing standard SAP ERP HCM Infotypes

Tips for enhancing standard SAP ERP HCM Infotypes

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This HR tip comes courtesy of Sylvia Chaudoir of Deloitte, who is speaking at our upcoming HR 2013 event, 11-14 June in Amsterdam! Get an introduction to enhancing standard infotypes. 

  • Step 1: Choose the Infotype to Enhance
    • Enter the Infotype number and press Create All
      • Use the four-digit number, including leading zeros
      • Infotype Version: You may define specific country versions of the screen to enhance
      • Generate Objects: This will create all related sub-objects simultaneously so you do not have to maintain them individually
  • Step 2: Confirm the Object Creation Prompt
    • This navigates to create the CI_Pnnnn Include for the new customer Include structure
      • Press Create to continue
      • Depending on your SAP client setup, you will probably be prompted for an SAP Developer Key, as well
  • Step 3A: Define the New Fields
    • Create the CI_Pnnnn DDIC structure definition
      • Enter a description and the new fields for the Infotype
      • Field names must be five characters and start with ZZ or YY
        • Component types may be new or you may use existing definitions of field st
  • Step 3B: A Word About Component Type
    • Thousands of SAP Component Types already exist
      • Use the F4 search tool to find one that suits your needs rather than creating your own Z-component
      • This will save you maintenance activity later
      • For example, the Contact Number component type used here is a standard definition
    • You can search Data Elements by name/description or by field characteristics to find what you need
      • Standard Selections: Entering a partial description with wildcard characters before and after the text will search and return all component types that contain the text
      • Settings: If choosing a VERY common name, you may wish to delete the Maximum number of hits restriction
    • The wildcard search returns a list of fields with the matching text for you to choose from
      • Sorting: Click on the heading of any column to sort by that field. Then you can select the field you want to use by double clicking on it.
  • Step 3C: A Word About Reference Fields
    • You must specify reference tables and fields for fields containing currency amounts or quantity data
      • The reference field format must either be:
        • Data type CUKY for currency key fields
        • Data type UNIT for quantity fields (e.g., hours, pieces, …)
      • Reference:
        ZZCUR provides a reference for the CURR field type for Annual Salary
  • Step 4: Save the Structure
    • When you have completed the field definition additions, Save the structure
      • Save will store your changes, creating the appropriate dictionary objects in the SAP ABAP Workbench system
        • You should also be prompted for Transport selection
      • Status: The status New indicates that you have saved your changes

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