Key Takeaways and Learnings for SAP Developers

Developers understand the importance of constantly learning and growing in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. The EMEA 2023 conference offers a wealth of resources to help developers expand their skills and knowledge, particularly in new environments related to Business Technology Platform (BTP) and Fiori. By embracing these environments, developers can stay at the forefront of innovation and deliver impactful solutions. The SAPinsider EMEA 2023 Conference & co-located Technology & Innovation Summit has got you covered.



  • Explore new SAP developer environments.
  • Extend skills to low-code, no-code solutions.
  • Harness the full power of SAP S/4HANA and Cloud environments.
  • Expand your knowledge of SAP BTP and Fiori.


Our program features 100+ sessions in 11 programs that cover the full gamut of learnings Architects like you need: From the basics of SAP app development tools to the advanced environments that will take your organization to the next step, our sessions will help you manage your SAP system on a day-to-day basis, and help you plan the strategies to take it to the next level.



The sessions in our SAP BTP program will help you dive deep into the SAP Business Technology Platform, providing insights on how to create value through data, how to ensure that your development projects are faster, and more efficient, how to create cross-organizational efficiencies, and using the Cloud for smarter systems.



Case Study: Leverage SAP to Transform the User Experience
Learn from real-world examples and discover how SAP can revolutionize the user experience through innovative development techniques.

How to Speed Up Your Application Development with Fiori Elements
Gain insights into leveraging Fiori Elements to accelerate application development, enhance user experience, and drive innovation.

Utilizing SAP Code-First Tools for Building Faster and More Flexible Solutions
Explore the power of SAP’s code-first tools in building agile, scalable, and flexible solutions to meet business needs.

Exploring the Future of CAP, UI5, SAP Mobile Services, and BAS with SAP Pro Code Offering
Get a glimpse into the future of SAP technologies such as CAP, UI5, SAP Mobile Services, and BAS, and explore how the SAP Pro Code offering enables developers to leverage these technologies effectively.

Understand the Potential of SAP Build Apps and SAP Build Work Zone
Discover the possibilities of SAP Build Apps and SAP Build Work Zone in simplifying and accelerating the application development process.

A Comprehensive Guide to SAP BTP
Get a comprehensive overview of SAP BTP and its capabilities. Learn how to leverage the tools, services, and frameworks offered by SAP BTP to build, extend, and integrate applications, ensuring a robust and future-proof architecture.


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