SAPinsider and IDG Partner to Bring Educational and Networking Events to SAP Customers Worldwide

SAPinsider and IDG Partner to Bring Educational and Networking Events to SAP Customers Worldwide

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With SAP customers spread across the globe, and the need to understand how to optimize technology investments and gain a foothold in a crowded market higher than ever, SAPinsider and International Data Group (IDG) are partnering to bring this knowledge to customers where they are. This global partnership was announced on Monday, May 6, via press release and will bring SAPinsider’s portfolio of market-leading educational and networking events to SAP customers worldwide.

SAPinsider has a decades-long history of producing focused events that educate and inspire its worldwide community of more than 350,000 SAP professionals to think differently and to be better prepared to tackle their most pressing projects, issues, challenges, and decisions. These events include SAPinsider’s flagship Digital Core and Intelligent Platform event, which drew over 2,200 attendees in Las Vegas this past March, and will be continuing on to Amsterdam in June.

IDG is one of the largest tech media companies in the world, featuring well-known brands such as CIO, Computerworld, CSO, and Network World. The company also supports a global events operation that produces more than 700 events across the globe each year.

Drawing on SAPinsider’s unique insights, network, knowledge, and experience in the SAP marketplace and IDG’s global brands, community, and resources, this partnership will bring world-class education and networking experiences to SAP customers across the world. The first events produced by this partnership are slated to kick off later this year in Australia.

“The SAPinsider community will now have unprecedented worldwide access to our premier events, research and member network, thanks to this exciting new partnership with IDG,” said Jamie Bedard, CEO of SAPinsider. “Working together with SAP, we will lead SAPinsider events in more than 20 countries across the world.”

“At IDG, we believe in the power of peer-to-peer content and in connecting users and buyers of technology. We’re proud and excited to be SAPinsider’s exclusive partner for the global expansion of the valuable services of SAPinsider. We invite the global SAP community to become SAPinsiders, to join the upcoming events in the most relevant markets around the globe, and to create and share content with us to make every organization that runs SAP even more successful,” said York von Heimburg, President of International IDG Communications.

What Does It Mean for the SAPinsider Community?

The SAPinsider and IDG partnership is designed to bring SAPinsiders the information and opportunities they need to succeed with SAP technology:

  • No matter where you are located, you will be able to access SAPinsider live education near you.  SAPinsider will be providing event updates in this newsletter and through SAPinsider magazine, and be sure to also keep your eyes on the event calendar.
  • Global SAP organizations will be able to coordinate education, training, and networking locally. You will be able to receive a content experience that’s directly reflective of local market trends and customers. You will gain access to in-person events and experiences to network, discuss the latest trends in the marketplace, and drive important engagement for sales and marketing activities.
  • Global SAP partners will have lead generation and thought leadership opportunities in the areas they are looking to grow and secure their business. A significant portion of the event agendas will be reserved for local experts and partners who have a unique and compelling story to tell.
Meeting SAP Customers and Partners Where They Are

The combined strengths of SAPinsider and IDG offer SAP customers and partners the opportunity to learn how to optimize their investments and make better business decisions through a localized experience that brings them the information they need right where they are.

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