Protecting the mission-critical applications that run your business

Protecting the mission-critical applications that run your business

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Over the last few months, everywhere you turn, there’s another story about debilitating ransomware attacks on mission-critical or business-critical systems. From fuel and energy companies to food processing companies, no industry is safe or immune. The traditional ways in which we respond to ransomware attacks no longer are as effective. What’s needed is a new model to defend critical systems against ransomware - one that goes beyond the scope of just protecting endpoints, backing up files, and hoping for the best. Join Onapsis as we dive into the six key steps all enterprises should be taking to protect their most critical systems from the looming threat of ransomware.
After the session, attendees will have a better understanding of:
- Critical business-critical security considerations for the intelligent enterprise
- How one application misconfiguration or vulnerability can put an entire enterprise at risk
- The best way to address security and compliance in an interconnected environment

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