Panel Discussion: Top Cybersecurity threats for 2021

Panel Discussion: Top Cybersecurity threats for 2021

Although cybersecurity threats are not new, the level of concern for organizations is growing as is the priority of protecting against them. With organizations seeking to create new digital customer experiences, applying data analytics, and investing in technology innovations, this makes the challenge even more urgent. The goal is to become knowledgeable to protect your company before a serious issue is encountered. This timely session will explore the biggest cybersecurity issues facing companies today. By attending this lively panel discussion, you will come away better equipped to challenges now and in the future.
Attend this session to:
- Hear about the biggest cybersecurity threats to SAP systems today.
- Understand and prioritize what needs to be protected and how to do so.
- Explore the different types of information from the distinguished panelists.

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