SUSE Invests $10M+ to Preserve Choice in Enterprise Linux, Forks RHEL

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⇨ SUSE's investment demonstrates commitment to choice in enterprise Linux

⇨ SUSE supports freedom from vendor lock-in

⇨ This initiative highlights a commitment to open-source software

SUSE, the global leader in enterprise open source solutions and the company behind Rancher, NeuVector, and SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE), will fork publicly available Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and develop a RHEL-compatible distribution. Forking typically occurs when individuals or organizations take the source code of an existing software project and create their own version, often with modifications or additions. This strategic move reinforces SUSE’s commitment to innovation and support for SUSE Linux Enterprise distributions and related open source projects.

With an investment of over $10 million planned for the next few years, SUSE aims to safeguard the flow of innovation and ensure that customers and the open source community are not subject to vendor lock-in. Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, CEO of SUSE, emphasized the company’s long-standing dedication to collaboration and shared success within the open source community. The investment serves to protect these values while providing genuine choice and freedom for both present and future stakeholders.

While continuing to invest in its highly regarded Linux solutions, including SLE and openSUSE, SUSE acknowledges the importance of choice and freedom from vendor lock-in for enterprises and the open source community. The company has a history of empowering and supporting users with mixed Linux environments, and this decision aligns with its commitment to customer satisfaction and community-driven development.

SUSE is committed to collaborating with the open source community to develop a sustainable and compatible alternative for RHEL and CentOS users. The company plans to contribute this project to an open source foundation, ensuring ongoing free access to alternative source code. By inviting the community to actively engage and collaborate, SUSE aims to shape the future of this essential software collectively.

Dr. Thomas Di Giacomo, Chief Technology and Product Officer at SUSE, highlighted the collaborative effort as a testament to SUSE’s deep-rooted commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing community-driven development. The new RHEL-compatible Linux distribution, combined with SUSE’s comprehensive portfolio, is expected to assist the community and customers in navigating advancements in enterprise Linux, cloud computing, containerization, edge computing, AI/ML, and other emerging technologies.

Gregory Kurtzer, CEO of CIQ and Founder of Rocky Linux, emphasized the need for standardization, stability, and consistency in the enterprise Linux community. Kurtzer expressed excitement about collaborating with SUSE to advance an open enterprise Linux standard, stating that CIQ is dedicated to bringing stability to partners, customers, and the community through a broad coalition of like-minded entities.

To learn more about how this initiative strengthens Liberty Linux and discover ways to get involved, visit [link to be provided]. SUSE’s commitment to preserving choice and fostering open source values in the enterprise Linux ecosystem marks a significant milestone in the industry’s journey towards greater innovation and collaboration.

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