Beyond the Buzz: Everything You Need to Know About SAP C/4HANA as the Intelligent Customer Experience Management Team Kicks Off 2019 Research Agenda

Beyond the Buzz: Everything You Need to Know About SAP C/4HANA as the Intelligent Customer Experience Management Team Kicks Off 2019 Research Agenda

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You’ve heard the buzz about SAP C/4HANA but how are your peers implementing and using this suite of solutions in the real world?

The SAPinsider Intelligent Customer Experience Management (CXM) team will uncover just that in the coming weeks, as we launch the first of a series of upcoming surveys to our insider community, “The Journey to SAP C/4HANA,” part of our new initiative to publish a full schedule of data-led research reports to help you in your efforts to become a more agile, intelligent enterprise.

The first report will arm you with all the information you need to embark on your own SAP C/4HANA journey. Or, if you have already implemented, glean wisdom from the experiences of your peers who are successfully using the new technologies to improve processes and speed ROI. Among insights “The Journey to SAP C/4HANA” benchmark survey will help you:

  • Learn where you stack up against the rest of the SAPinsider community in terms of where you are in the process of adopting customer experience solutions, including SAP C/4HANA
  • Get a thorough understanding of SAP C/4HANA-related business drivers, benefits, and key actions being undertaken by the SAPinsider community that can help you build the business case and speed ROI for your own implementation
  • Adoption scenarios and key requirements and technologies that you will need to help you successfully implement customer experience management solutions, including SAP C/4HANA
  • How your peers are gauging success in their customer experience efforts
  • Insights from those who have implemented SAP C/4HANA solutions, on challenges they faced – and overcame

Joining me on the Intelligent Customer Experience Management research team are SAPinsider Vice President Sean Edwards and Analyst Nancy Zacharakis. Each SAPinsider research report is driven by our proprietary DART methodology, which examines:

  • The Drivers of macro-level events that are impacting an organization
  • Actions that companies can take to address the drivers’ impact on the business
  • The business- and process-level Requirements to support the strategies
  • The Technology-related requirements that enable the business requirements

 In 2019, the CXM team will conduct benchmark reports in four topic areas, under the following titles:

Marketing Automation and Analytics

  • The Journey to SAP C/4HANA
  • State of Customer Engagement and the Customer Experience

CRM and Customer Data Management

  • Customer Intelligence in the Digital Economy
  • The Great (Integration) Debate: Combining On-Premise and Cloud-based Data to Enhance the Customer Experience
  • Regulation Roundup: GDPR, Data Privacy, and Managed Consent

eCommerce and Selling Channel Planning and Execution

  • The Drive Toward Omnichannel Commerce
  • From Front-End to Back-End: Mapping the Personalized, Contextual Customer Experience

Contact Center Management and Technology

  • Chatbots, Machine Learning, and AI, Oh My! The Future of Customer Service
  • Best Practices for Integrating Customer Service, Sales, and the Supply Chain

All companies, regardless of size, now compete on the customer experience. The 2019 CXM Research Agenda sets out to assess and inform insiders on the challenges today’s top companies face with the customer experience, as well as arm them with practical recommendations to help them make better decisions. We look forward to taking the customer experience journey with you in the years to come!

To learn more about how you can participate in CXM research surveys, please contact Vice President Sean Edwards ( or Analyst Nancy Zacharakis (


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