Evolving Business Intelligence: Enabling Strategic Imperatives with a Cohesive Data Fabric

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Prior research suggests a gap between organizational strategy and business intelligence program execution.

⇨ Additional research is needed to understand this gap, including the challenges organizations face in implementing business intelligence programs that enable a cohesive data fabric.

⇨ An upcoming SAPinsider report will investigate this gap, as well as factors influencing business intelligence evolution, existing solution landscapes, and planned/to-be solution landscapes.

As organizations seek to evolve or expand upon their ability to enable a cohesive data fabric, business intelligence programs may or may not reflect organizational strategies that should be leveraged to shape these programs. Additionally, many organizations face challenges in executing business intelligence programs that align with strategic imperatives. Corresponding solutions are shifting from on-premise to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and/or managed cloud deployments. Solution vendors are leaning toward a multi-tier construct spanning data, platform, and consumption capabilities. Upcoming SAPinsider research will investigate strategic imperatives, corresponding business intelligence programs, and gaps between strategy and execution. This research will also explore existing and future solution landscapes and challenges in executing business intelligence programs.

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