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Video: How Do You Better Manage Systems and Improve Resilience?

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Mapping and documenting your enterprise landscape, and understanding which systems are used for which services is crucial to your maintenance strategy

⇨ Being aware of the potential challenges that can impact the resilience of your environment are crucial to keeping that environment running

⇨ Having tools that help you monitor and manage system configurations can relieve pressure from administrators and provide a foundation for success

Organizations today need to keep their business solutions up and running, and infrastructure providers have been focused on activities that help organizations accelerate implementations and reduced both planned and unplanned downtime. However, enterprise landscapes can often be complex to both implement and maintain. This is particularly true for SAP landscapes where there are often multiple systems, multiple instances of those systems, and connectivity and integration that must remain functional.

But beyond the issues of implementation and configuration, system complexity can often cause issues to develop over time. When an update is performed, or a patch implemented, or a system configuration changed, small issues can accumulate in the system that can often remain unnoticed until they accumulate sufficiently to cause a problem. This can occur even when systems are initially configured using best practices. The challenge that organizations face is in finding and identifying these issues before they cause problems.

In this video interview with Sherry Yu, Director of SAP Success Architect at SUSE, we discuss the resilience challenges facing organizations today, how system administration concerns can add more complexity, and how these challenges can be addressed.

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