Finance Discussion: SAPinsider Community Engagement

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Key Takeaways

⇨ SAPinsider is aiming to increase content output and community engagement.

⇨ Discussion leads to more ideas about how SAP users can do their jobs better.

⇨ A three-pronged approach of content, community, and engagement will benefit SAPinsiders and vendors.

In this second video of our Finance Discussion Series, SAPinsider Senior Research Advisor Carsten Hilker talks with Research Director Ogo Nwanyanwu about community engagement among SAPinsiders. Getting vendors, practitioners, and those who cover the SAP space to all communicate, collaborate, and share solutions is a central tenant of SAPinsider’s mission.

In this video, Hilker outlines his vision for SAPinsider’s finance content going forward. This includes how the quantity, quality, and variety of finance content will increase across the organization, how this will increase engagement from SAPinsiders and the broader SAP community, and how readers will benefit from this. He will also highlight key topics that will form the basis of discussion going forward.



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