Actionable insights into cash flow dynamics with Phocas’ 3-way forecasting

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    Actionable insights into cash flow dynamics with Phocas’ 3-way forecasting

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    For SAP users, maintaining financial health supports growth investments, secures strong credit ratings through timely debt repayments, and offers flexibility to adapt to market shifts, economic downturns, or unforeseen challenges. In the distribution sector, cash flow management is crucial due to the dynamic nature of inventory, accounts receivable, and payable cycles. This requires optimal inventory…

  2. Streamlining Inventory Management: A Case Study on BHS Corrugated’s Industry 4.0 Transformation

    Faced with challenges of excessive stock levels and inadequate transparency, the company embarked on a digitalization initiative leveraging Industry 4.0 principles with ifm Supply Chain.

  3. Mercury Lighting Solutions “Phocas Illuminates a Pathway to Success for Mercury

    The company uses SAP Business One for its ERP, which is data rich beyond anything that the company can use, according to Tordjman. Having all the data is great, but the biggest challenge for Mercury was mining value from the information. The company would run sales reports for sales persons, letting them know what they…

  4. VIVA Leisure “From Monthly Reports to Insightful Analytics in Minutes”

    Australian-based health club Viva Leisure stays on top of reporting demands and business performance with Phocas.

  5. Bringing Data Access and Analysis to all Businesspeople with Phocas Software

    In the current corporate landscape, aligning data across the enterprise for robust decision-making presents a continuous challenge for many organizations. The vast amount of data that organizations produce is not only difficult to handle, but also even more challenging to analyze due to data complexity or a lack of in-house expertise. Additionally, with businesses drawing…

  6. Step-by-Step Statistical Forecasting Using SAP APO

    ManagementLearn a 15-step methodology for executing forecasting projects in SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization. Understand the most common methods of statistical analysis. Learn best practices for implementing these methods in practice. Key Concept Forecast strategies are used in SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization to decide how forecast values are calculated. Selecting a method depends on…...…

  7. Phocas AI Functionality to Make Data Analysis Easier for SAP Business One Users

    Phocas AI to extend the ease of use of its Analytics product to allow SAP Business One users to query their organisation’s consolidated data.

  8. An Introduction to SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0 and SAP HANA Predictive Tools

    In this exclusive report by Hillary Bliss, take a walk into the world of the SAP suite of predictive tools with an in-depth tour of the new SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0 and how it ties into SAP HANA and SAP Lumira. Learn the importance of general predictive modeling concepts, and then apply those concepts as…...…

  9. Phocas Software Integrates All Products with Sage Intacct

    Phocas Software has revealed a new technology partnership with Sage in which all of its products are now integrated with Sage Intacct.

  10. Enabling Budget Resilience with Scenario Planning Tools from Phocas

    Scenario planning process is often seen as time-consuming, leading to insufficient utilization and limits organizations’ capacity to prepare for or respond to changes. Many finance teams find themselves hamstrung by the limitations of their SAP ERP systems when attempting to implement effective scenario planning, a critical component of strategic budgeting and forecasting. The traditional reliance…