Share Your Expertise with the SAPinsider Community

Share Your Expertise with the SAPinsider Community

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SAPinsiders expect to receive the latest and most useful content to help them maximize their investment in SAP technology, and who better to receive this actionable advice from than thought leaders in our own SAPinsider Community? We want to hear from more SAP Experts like Dmitry Kuznetsov, who recently sat down with us to answer some pressing questions about embedded analytics.

To take advantage of embedded analytics, says Kuznetsov, you first have to be willing to do so. “Unfortunately I tend to notice that, quite frequently, analytics tends to be left behind a little bit. So, at the end of the implementation project, people tend to realize that ‘oh, and by the way, I needed my reports, but I did not really think about it when planning for the project.’… Step zero is: you need to be willing to do this and to plan accordingly.”

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