Technology And Empathy: Creating The Link

Technology And Empathy: Creating The Link

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Human behavior drives a significant aspect of technology adoption.

⇨ Failures in technology adoption, implementations and technology related disruptions can also be attributed to the inability to understand human empathy.

⇨ Incorporating empathy in marketing and strategy is increasingly becoming an imperative.

Disruption is a norm in the world of technology. We attribute the phenomenon of big companies being disrupted by new entrants to many aspects, like advancements in technology, emerging technologies, agility of new entrants etc. but have we explored deeply the aspect that at the core of disruptions in the world of technology is the ability of the organization, that is getting disrupted, to empathize with its customers? The fact is, a majority of problems in the world of technology can be addressed with the power of empathy- the ability to understand the pain, needs, wants and emotions of other human beings. This article explores the need to integrate technology with empathy.

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