Supply Chain Planning in The Cloud for EMEA

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⇨ Learn why we believe EMEA respondents in the research have highlighted more maturity in their supply chain planning capabilities.

⇨ Understand how the business drivers of EMEA respondents differ from the global view.

⇨ Explore the top focus area for EMEA respondents when it comes to supply chain planning in the cloud.

EMEA Respondents Indicate Slightly More Maturity in Capabilities

Supply chain planning capabilities have evolved from a portfolio of tools and technologies used to run and plan supply chain operations to a set of capabilities that can be leveraged to build business agility and resiliency in today’s complex business environment.  SAPinsiders have indicated in previous research, like, Analytics in The Cloud, that cloud can provide transformational capabilities to supply chain planning and analytics technologies, helping them align better with the rapid proliferation of data, system complexities, and business complexities. To better understand our community’s perspectives in this area, SAPinsider surveyed 106 members between June and July 2022 and published the Supply Chain Planning in The Cloud report. Since 33% of respondents to the survey were from the EMEA region, we decided to explore the insights from this region separately.

Overall, EMEA respondents indicated more maturity in supply chain planning capabilities. However, they still highlighted similar pain points and success criteria as the global view, but the priorities differed. Considering that the challenges that they are experiencing are similar, they are looking to the cloud as well to help them address their challenges. Overall, compared to the global view, where only 14% of respondents indicated that they were completely satisfied with their planning portfolio, 21% of respondents in the EMEA region indicated that they were completely satisfied. The challenges highlighted by EMEA respondents were also more advanced compared to the global view, indicating more progress than the rest of the world in planning portfolio maturity.

Download the EMEA derivative of the research to gain more insights into the aspects that indicate a higher capability maturity level.

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