Leading the Human Side of Digital Transformation

Technology Executive Forum Track at SAPinsider Conference in Las Vegas, NV - March 21, 2023 (2:00 - 5:00 PM PST)

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2:00 – 2:15  Welcome

2:15 – 3:00  How to Effectively Manage the Changing Nature of Workforces

3:00 – 3:45 Leadership Lessons for Optimizing Human Performance for the Video Game Industry

3:45 – 4:00 Coffee and Refreshment Break

4:00 – 4:45 CIO Panel: Practical Perspectives on Upskilling, Staffing, Recruiting, and Motivation

4:45 – 5:00 Closing Remarks

7:30 Executive Dinner & Networking

Leading the Human Side of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is still at the forefront of most leaders’ ongoing agendas. But, while it’s easy to get caught up in the technical, business, and project details of most transformation initiatives, the true success factors lie on the people side of the equation. And, that part has become more challenging as executives grapple with skills shortages, remote work, and multi-generational workforces as well as the rise of the contractor workforce.

In this half-day executive workshop, you will hear from thought leaders, CIOs, and CTOs, and even the head of human performance at one of the most famous professional e-Sports teams in the world to help you as a leader insure that the human side of your digital transformation initiatives is rock-solid and serves as a foundation for ongoing innovation and transformation.

How to Effectively Manage the Changing Nature of Workforces – David Kiron, Editorial Director, MIT Sloan Management Review

The term workforce has taken on new and multiple meanings in the current business and economic climate. Even the term “hybrid” workforce has various connotations pertaining to remote and in-person work environments, contract full-time workers, as well as multi-generational employees. And, leaders today must incorporate all these interpretations into the way they set strategy, communicate, and manage day-to-day. Executives must balance these priorities while scrambling to staff current projects as well as support future initiatives, and emerging technologies. In this interactive session, David Kiron, Editorial Director, MIT Sloan Management Review will discuss some of the latest research on workforce management, preview his upcoming book, Workforce Ecosystemsto be published in April 2023, and provide practical insights to help leaders like you:

  • Understand and apply this concept of the workforce ecosystem to effectively manage all the various players that create value for your business
  • Alter your leadership mindset and manage your entire workforce (contractors and bots included) with a common, integrated strategy and operational approach
  • Modify existing workforce planning, talent acquisition, performance management, and compensation policies and processes to optimize your own workforce ecosystems
  • Develop useful KPIs and communication strategies to manage both external and internal workforces on a consistent basis

CIO Panel: Practical Perspectives on Upskilling, Staffing, Recruiting, and Motivation

It has never been more challenging for technology executives when it comes to people management. Leaders must motivate and retain their current staffs while searching to fill gaps for important projects and technologies including AI, integration, automation, analytics, and more. Join this panel of CIOs, CTOs, and heads of technology as they help you:

  • Understand the hottest skillsets IT and SAP executives are after and how they are creatively sourcing for new talent from universities and partners
  • Delve into their approaches for communicating with staff and the policies they are setting to insure engagement and alignment with core priorities
  • Discover how leaders are using, automation, bots, and contractors to support tasks that internal employees do not want to do, and how they are redeploying and reskilling staff members to be more strategic
  • Find out how leaders are using DEI initiatives and mission-driven objectives to keep staffs motivated and to optimize overall performance of their teams

Leadership Lessons for Optimizing Human Performance from The Video Game Industry – Chang-Hyun Ko, Head of Human Performance, Team Liquid

Video Games pervade everyday life from homes to the Web. The top video gamers even now have endorsements, professional teams, and one of the fastest growing industries in the world. But, how can this seemingly “leisure” activity provides important leadership lessons for assembling managing high-performing teams? In comes down to human nature and passion. Humans love games and we can use the principles of video games performance to set goals and manage people to achieve critical company goals and initiatives. Attend this entertaining and interactive discussion lead by Chang-Hyun Ko, the head of human performance at Team Liquid, one of the most successful and renowned eSports organizations in the world as he shares with you:

  • Practical lessons for building great teams that’s based on clarity, commitment contributions, and addressing concerns
  • The Key Principals of Human Performance that Team Liquid embraces that include cultivating a culture of readiness and resilience and putting the team before the individual
  • How to avoid the two most common mistakes made in team building: (hint) Goals and passion are only the beginning but don’t necessarily translate into winning on their own
  • Why 99% of people want their teams to identify and discuss issues truthfully, but only half of teams actually make this happen. Learn how you as a leader can foster this openness and culture

Networking Dinner

Join fellow executives for a 5-star dining experience in the heart of the luxurious Bellagio Hotel. Expand your network and meet out speakers and fellow executives to gain insights and perspectives on your most pressing challenges, key projects, and your personal career aspirations.

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