Keynote | GRC and Security Spotlight Session

Keynote | GRC and Security Spotlight Session

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As the single-source of truth about an enterprise's strategy and operations, SAP S/4HANA is the beating heart of today's modern enterprises. The executive suite increasingly relies upon the CFO and Finance team to deliver strategic, predictive insight to chart a winning business strategy. At the same time cybersecurity and data protection have emerged as the top risks for enterprises. Finance and Risk are key in today's experience economy as it touches customers and business partners in many ways that contribute to the overall brand experience. And, as the emerging steward for compliance, security, and risk management, Finance increasingly governs transparency and principled performance*. Join Vishal Verma, Global VP, GRC Solution Management, to discuss the increasing role of GRC and Cybersecurity in today's intelligent enterprise and roadmap from SAP.

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