IBM Watsonx, the Enterprise-Ready AI and Data Platform, Is Now Available

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⇨ IBM WatsonX, a platform designed for enterprise-level AI and data handling, is now available.

⇨ The platform comprises three powerful products: the studio for new foundation models, generative AI and machine learning; the fit-for-purpose data store, built on an open lakehouse architecture; and the watsonx.governance toolkit, to accelerate AI workflows that are built with responsibility, transparency and explainability.

⇨ IBM has outlined plans to integrate the foundational models of into all its major software offerings moving forward.

IBM Watsonx, a platform designed for enterprise-level AI and data handling, is now available for AI developers to use in the creation, testing, fine-tuning, and deployment of both conventional machine learning and novel generative AI features, empowered by foundation models, via an accessible and user-friendly interface.

The IBM Watsonx suite includes three distinct products intended to expedite and enhance the scalability of AI within organizations: studio: Build with our new studio for foundation models, generative AI and machine learning, users can train, validate, tune, and deploy foundation and machine learning models with ease.AI creators can utilize pre-trained models from both IBM and the Hugging Face community to handle a multitude of AI development tasks in These models are designed to carry out various Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks such as answering questions, generating content and summaries, and text classification and extraction. A fit-for-purpose data store built on open lakehouse architecture that is optimized for governed data and AI workloads, supported by querying, governance, and open data formats to access and share data. provides non-technical users with the ability to independently access their enterprise’s high-quality, reliable data through a unified collaborative platform. It also assists in ensuring the data’s security and adherence to compliance processes by utilizing centralized governance and local automatic policy enforcement.

watsonx.governance: The AI governance toolkit that enables AI workflows to be built with responsibility, transparency and explainability (to be introduced at the end of 2023).

In upcoming updates, users will have to access an expanded variety of proprietary foundation models that IBM has trained specifically for efficient task and domain specialization. IBM has outlined plans to integrate the foundational models of into all its major software offerings moving forward. For instance:

Watson Code Assistant: Slated for launch later this year, this solution leverages generative AI to enable developers to produce code using simple English language commands.

AIOps Insights: The AI Operations (AIOps) features are set to be enhanced with foundational models for code and NLP. This upgrade will offer a broader overview of IT environment performance, thereby assisting IT operations (ITOps) managers and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) in resolving incidents faster and more cost-effectively.

Watson Assistant and Watson Orchestrate: The integration of an NLP foundational model with IBM’s digital labor products is expected to significantly improve employee productivity and customer service experiences.

Environmental Intelligence Suite: The IBM EIS Builder Edition, expected to preview later this year, will be equipped with the geospatial foundational model. This will empower organizations to design customized solutions for addressing and managing environmental risks in alignment with their specific objectives and requirements.

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