Green IT = Sustainable Businesses

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Sustainability is now recognized as a key driver of business success.

⇨ Adopting sustainable IT practices can bring a range of business benefits, including cost savings, risk management, customer demand, employee engagement, and improved brand reputation.

⇨ A sustainable IT can help minimize the environmental impact of IT byproducts and as a result the carbon footprint by reducing e-waste.

Sustainability should be the new headline for everything humans do. Sustainability means fulfilling current generations’ needs without compromising the needs of future generations. However, this is difficult to achieve. Sustainability issues have already started to affect our lives and our economies. This article explains how sustainability issues are affecting business operations and how IT can help to address and mitigate future risks. It recognizes that IT is part of the problem but also a part of the solution and highlights that the technology leaders play a pivotal role in achieving a sustainable IT for environmental stability and business success. But the journey to a sustainable IT is a marathon not a sprint. It requires a clear goal, sufficient data, and application for monitoring and reporting, and commitment, conviction, and actions from all stakeholders.

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