View from the Top – Building a Transport Capability to Drive Growth & Scale at CSR

CSR has embarked on a logistics transformation. The mission was to maximize efficient use of CSR’s resources and in so doing, better serve their customers, reduce the cost of goods transported, optimize route and loads, streamline freight collaboration with 3rd party carriers and obtain a higher utilization of trucks.

The challenge was that they had many lines of business, with every CSR brand/business federated and working differently. Their ambition was to bring them together to optimize transport. They consolidated into 3 BUs and are now building a centralised Transport operations capability built on SAP S/4 Transportation Management and SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN) for integration to their Transport providers. In doing so they plan to reap the synergies of streamlining and harmonizing transportation processes: rate cards, utilization of fleet by mixing products on trucks for last mile savings.

Cameron Webb, Executive General Manager, Transformation, Technology and Digital at CSR Limited, shares a little about the structural changes made to streamline business units towards a “One CSR Way” which includes equipping the organisation with enabling technology to support this new operating model.

  • Delivering to the customer promise of service excellence with ordering, manufacturing, warehouse and delivery operations orchestrated in harmony to meet customer needs.
  • Live visibility of delivery status, both to CSR, transport operators and potentially customers as well
  • Multi-modal, multi-leg transportation planning to maximise capacity and streamline freight collaboration with 3rd party providers.
  • Freight costing, settlement and analytics capability harmonised to financial processes already supported in your SAP ERP.
  • Integration with vendors made easy using SAP LBN

Read the presentation here.

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