Travel, Expense & Purchase Order Automation Controls for Our Organization

Meet the Experts

Key Takeaways

⇨ Don’t just talk to the Managers, talk to the actual staff on the ground, talk to everyone

⇨ Always try to find a middle ground

⇨ There are pros & cons for all automation, ensure you know what you want and make it worthwhile for your staff

Dermalogica was originally a thriving private business that returned high profits in the last 20+ years. A major organizational change led to the introduction of internal controls and organizational transformation while still retaining its original ethos whilst improving processes and promoting high growth.

Hear from the leader who was given the task to action this objective. SAP Concur was the approved platform that worked for the whole structure, and it was recommended we try this for our organization, on a smaller scale.

Hear how we were able to retain the values which Dermalogica instilled from their founder, whilst also introducing approval flows, audit checks, and process automation for all staff in Australia. How we managed the transition so that it incorporated feedback from all staff and led this in pace with what the organization could handle throughout the year. Hence no disgruntled stakeholders!

  • Merging Corporate & SME cultures for optimum results
  • Finance process automation
  • RPA for Finance, what works and what to look out for
  • Platforms, what you actually want out of them

Read the presentation here.

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