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How to Eat an Elephant: Learn How Bega Integrated their M&A Divestment End-to-End

Better Performance Across the Landscape

Key Takeaways

⇨ Seamless data migration – and data separation between Lion D&D and Bega Group

⇨ On time and on budget ingestion of a large-scale divestment

⇨ Delivered seamless business operations post go live with manufacturing, supply chain, ordering, deliveries etc.

Bega, after acquiring Lion Drinks and Dairy division, needed to carve out a relevant IT ecosystem which included over 200 systems and their entire SAP landscape – whilst ensuring operations for both organizations never missed a beat. This meant that the supply chain had to stay entirely unaffected: every order needed to be processed seamlessly, every milk truck needed to pick up milk deliveries on time, and there could be no interruption of service to customers or consumers. This 9-month program ensured the seamless divestment of over 200+ critical systems from Lion, including a 16 terabyte SAP system, 18 terabyte BW system, two CRM platforms, the implementation of new SAP applications, such as Integrated Business planning and SAPM CRM for Field Sales all on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

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