Improved SAP Release Management using Change Automation

Meet the Experts

Key Takeaways

⇨ Accelerating cadence of SAP deployments

⇨ Improving quality of SAP change being built, tested and deployed

⇨ How full traceability and auditability can be achieved

With a vision to be Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted logistics partner, Linfox’s multiple SAP systems need to be both responsive and adaptable. Linfox identified that functional areas and application silos, manual processes using complex spreadsheets, and a lack of auditability pose risk to deployment success. The delivery of SAP change with speed and reliability was a clear business requirement. Linfox chose ActiveControl to deliver the necessary velocity of change while maintaining full system integrity at every stage. This session will share how this is supporting Linfox to keep disparate systems synchronised to maintain single view and management of each change – including all dependencies. Potential quality issues are identified at the point of build and process compliance is enforced through the flexible workflows process. With complete auditability and detailed change delivery analytics, continuous improvement is maintained to help support and deliver Linfox’s corporate strategy.

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