Mohi Mohammed

Meet the Expert

Mohi Mohammed

SAP Basis & Security Consultant, Linfox Australia


Mohi is a highly experienced SAP professional with over 10 years of expertise in designing, implementing, administering, and supporting various SAP systems. He possesses a strong knowledge base and holds a SAP HANA Certified Associate certification. Throughout his career, Mohi has gained extensive experience in working with a range of SAP systems, including ECC, HANA, Netweaver, GRC, BI, Business Objects, BPC, Portal, Solution Manager, PI/PO, TDMS, and uPerform. He is well-versed in the implementation and support of these systems, ensuring their smooth operation and optimal performance. Mohi has a deep understanding of architecture design and sizing for SAP systems, and he excels in database administration, particularly with MSSQL, Oracle, and HANA DB. He is skilled in integrating SAP systems with non-SAP systems, enhancing the overall functionality and efficiency of the organizations he serves. Additionally, Mohi has valuable experience in implementing and administering monitoring systems for applications, backups, and servers. He has also successfully implemented business continuity plans and disaster recovery solutions, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of critical business processes. With his extensive technical knowledge and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions, Mohi is a valuable asset in driving the success of SAP implementations and supporting the business needs of his clients.

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