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⇨ SAP showed off an expanded and refined mobile offering as part of its Mobile Day event.

⇨ This offering allows users to leverage pre-built or custom applications in phones, watches, and other mobile devices.

⇨ This solution aims to close the mobile gap in digital transformations and allow users to innovate from anywhere.

Mobile technology offerings are a vital part of modern businesses, yet they are often overlooked. Accessing functional experiences from anywhere is necessary for innovation, as workers need the ability to do business from anywhere at any time.

At SAP’s Mobile Day event, experts gathered to share best practices and discuss solutions that help enterprises improve their mobile offerings. Much of the discussion centered on how companies can quickly develop apps in-house. This ability allows companies to optimize human actions, manage critical processes like supply chains, and provide data analysis.

One Mobile

As more and more organizations prioritize digital transformation, it is becoming increasingly clear that mobile is a key piece of that journey. SAP announced it has expanded and refined the one mobile offering to benefit workers, as many still find their current solutions lacking.

To meet these demands, SAP highlighted its one mobile experience package. To give organizations the capability to do business from anywhere, SAP took a three-pronged approach to app development. It melded optimized business processes, tools and platforms, and ensured that mobile business is a holistic experience.

“With this ‘one mobile’ offering, as we call it, we create solutions for any kind of mobile technology that helps our customers improve. Whether it’s a phone, watch, or mixed-reality handset, we equip them with pre-built or custom applications. What’s unique to SAP is the comprehensive, cross-industry process knowledge that enables this, together with simplified development options. That’s what you only get with SAP,” said Florian Heretsch, head of the Mobile Experience and Engineering unit at SAP.

Success Story

As part of Mobile Day, SAP shared the story of its native app development journey with Audi, the luxury German auto manufacturer. Audi utilized native apps from SAP to boost the effectiveness of its warehouse processes. It also utilized SAP Mobile Start to simplify the entry into those apps for its users.

Though SAP offers out-of-the-box apps, it also provides a platform for customers to develop their own custom applications as well. Audi took advantage of this functionality as well, creating its own solutions based on SAP BTP SDK for iOS and Android. “Audi decided to use SAP BTP SDK because we are confident that native app development saves time and cost in both operation and development processes,” said Audi’s Michele Biscotti.

What This Means for SAPinsiders

SAP has referred to mobile as the missing piece in digital transformation. Organizations must not forget this crucial component when beginning a journey to becoming a lean and competitive digital enterprise. SAP’s refreshed one mobile offering will deliver a user experience that is simple, streamlined, and effective. Users will be able to quickly develop their own apps in-house or use pre-built applications if they meet the needs of the business.

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