SAP Enhances Digital Adoption Capabilities with WalkMe Acquisition

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⇨ WalkMe's Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) integration with SAP's ecosystem can help businesses can optimize workflow processes and navigate technology changes more effectively

⇨ By detecting bottlenecks and offering case-specific directions, WalkMe improves productivity and consistency while reducing enterprise risk, highlighting the significance of prioritizing user-centric approaches in IT infrastructure upgrades and digital transformation initiatives

⇨ Organizations can expect smoother digital transformation journeys and enhanced management of multiple layers of business data

In the current technology landscape, we see constant innovation and updates happening around us that can make it difficult to keep track of the latest developments. This can lead to organizations not planning upgrades to their IT infrastructure or may even perplex IT teams about where to begin their digital transformation journey.

SAP aims to change this through their recent acquisition of WalkMe, a specialist in Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP). WalkMe provides users with advance guidance and automation capabilities to help businesses optimize their workflow processes and navigate through changes in technology.  “By leveraging SAP’s extensive ecosystem, we are poised to unlock substantial growth opportunities and deliver even greater value to our customers. Together, we look forward to a future filled with innovation and exceptional service,” said CEO of WalkMe Dan Adika.

The partnership will complement SAP’s Business Transformation Management portfolio, built around SAP Signavio and SAP LeanIX, and will focus on simplifying digital transformation and driving value realization. WalkMe has a proven track record of boosting enterprise productivity by working on top of enterprise applications to detect bottlenecks and providing case-specific direction on resolving the issue. This also results in lower enterprise risk as business processes are made more efficient and consistent.

“Applications, processes, data, and people are the four key elements of a successful business transformation. By acquiring WalkMe, we are doubling down on the support we provide our end users, helping them to quickly adopt new solutions and features to get the maximum value out of their IT investments,” said SAP CEO Christian Klein.

SAP users can expect further developments coming up in the form of WalkMeX copilot that will leverage AI capabilities in tandem with SAP’s AI copilot, Joule. This will act as an overlay to SAP applications to provide the best possible feedback for improving workflow with AI capabilities. This aims to deliver a smooth digital transformation journey and manage multiple data layers of business.

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