SAP and Bain Join Forces to Drive Cloud-Enabled ERP Transformation and Maximize Business Value

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⇨ • SAP and Bain & Company have collaborated to drive cloud-enabled ERP transformation, recognizing the significance of cloud technology for organizational growth and innovation.

⇨ • The collaboration between SAP and Bain prioritizes strategic thinking, risk mitigation, and seizing opportunities to expedite clients' progress towards business objectives, combining SAP's technology innovation with Bain's expertise in business-led transformation.

⇨ • C-suite engagement is crucial for maximizing the value of ERP projects, and Bain's experience in working with leadership teams will guide customers to long-lasting results, as demonstrated by their successful implementation of their own technology transformation using SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

SAP and Bain & Company are collaborating to help leaders in driving cloud-enabled ERP transformation and maximizing business value. Today, a staggering 93% of companies are modernizing their technology with 83% of them opting for cloud solutions. Still, only 6% of businesses are tracking to achieve their tech modernization goals.

Cloud technology is a vital catalyst for organizational growth, speed, and innovation, but what sets apart those experiencing success? Those companies empower strategic thinkers, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities to transform their overall approach.

Seeing this need, SAP and Bain have partnered to help leaders maximize the impact of cloud-enabled ERP transformation. By combining offerings such as RISE with SAP and Bain’s expertise in business-led transformation, this collaboration will expedite clients’ progress towards their business objectives and unlock the full potential of ERP solutions.

SAP and Bain’s Methodology to Maximize ERP Potential

This collaboration is built on a strategic framework to deliver cloud-enabled ERP transformation.

  1. Marry together a Strategic Technology Vision by combining Bain’s extensive experience in guiding digital modernization with SAP’s position in technology innovation.
  2. Future-Proof the Journey: RISE with SAP offers cloud ERP solutions tailored to business requirementstransformation services, business analytics, and solutions from the SAP partner ecosystem.
  3. Orchestrate Adoption: Significant transformations demand significant investments in program and change management.

Prioritize Business Leaders in the Modernization Process

Bain’s foundation, established 50 years ago, is built on delivering results for clients. Currently, 63% of the Global 500 companies and 75% of global equity capital represented by PE funds have chosen Bain because their Enterprise Technology Practice means working with experts who understand both corporate strategy and technology. Bain’s global team of technology experts and strategists helps clients identify the necessary technology capabilities, systems, and business transformations required for success.

Scott Russell, Executive Board member, Customer Success, stressed the importance of C-suite engagement maximizing the value of ERP projects. “ERP projects are at the heart of enterprise transformation initiatives, touching critical assets, and active C-suite engagement is vital to maximizing value,” said Russell, who added, “Bain’s proven experience working with leadership teams will help us guide customers to greater, long-lasting results every single day.”

Bain’s Successful SAP Transformation Journey

Bain has been crucial in creating and putting into place technology transformations crucial to its clients’ missions. However, Bain also understands the importance of leading by example.

Bain also completed its own transformation using SAP S/4HANA Cloud across 47 countries with SAP and select ecosystem partners.

Bain fundamentally transformed its operations from the standardized and automated finance processes, accelerated data availability to enhanced real-time tracking of business performance. This transformation enabled Bain to empower internal users and ensure their understanding of the new system’s functionality.

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