One Platform for End-to-End Agreement Management — Docusign’s Intelligent Agreement Management Platform

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⇨ Drafting, negotiation, and agreements management remain inefficient and time-consuming including completed agreements that also typically end up as unstructured, isolated files that are difficult to access and integrate with core business functions.

⇨ Docusign has launched an Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM) platform, Docusign IAM, establishing a new SaaS category designed to revolutionize agreement processes and transform agreement processes and their integration with business systems.

⇨ By integrating advanced AI, Docusign IAM enhances the speed of contract creation, improves negotiation outcomes, and provides valuable strategic insights for managing agreement portfolios.

Docusign has introduced a new SaaS platform called Docusign IAM (Intelligent Agreement Management), which aims to redefine the process of managing agreements in the same transformative way that CRM, HCM, and ERP systems reshaped sales, HR, and resource management. This new category of Intelligent Agreement Management sets a standard in how businesses handle contracts, positioning Docusign as a leader in this field.

The Docusign IAM platform leverages advanced AI to streamline the creation, negotiation, and management of agreements. It allows for collaborative and automated agreement creation, integrating seamlessly with major systems like SAP. This integration facilitates quicker and more secure transactions, enhances interactions with customers, partners, and employees, and provides strategic insights that help maximize the value of agreements while minimizing risks. The introduction of Docusign IAM marks a significant expansion in Docusign’s strategy and its offerings, potentially revolutionizing agreement processes across various industries.

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