insiderTRAINING announces 9 new sessions on Financials, Solution Manager, and BusinessObjects

insiderTRAINING announces 9 new sessions on Financials, Solution Manager, and BusinessObjects

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We’ve just added 9 new courses to insiderTRAINING covering topics like SAP BusinessObjects, Controlling, Financials, and Solution Manager. Here’s a quick summary of each new session:

  • CONCO101 – SAP Central Controlling Configuration: Take this new course to step through Enterprise Structure Configuration in SAP’s CO module. Students will create a controlling area; create, configure, and assign an operating concern, and more.
  • FIOV101 – SAP Financial Accounting Overview: Get an understanding of the Financial Accounting applications in SAP and learn about important General Ledger features, sub-legers in Accounts Receivable/Payable, and integration with other modules.
  • ICO495 – Expert Guide to the Asset History Sheet Report: Get an overview of why the Asset History Sheet (AHS) is the most powerful report available in SAP’s Asset Accounting module. This course teaches you how to use and configure the AHS to meet your company’s needs.
  • ICO516 – Use Material Ledger to Calculate Actual Costs and Transfer Price: Learn how to prepare data and execute the costing run for actual costing purposes, understand how to transfer cost components from a sending company code to a receiving company code, and more.
  • ICO517 – General Ledger Journal Entry Boot Camp: Jump into the world of General Ledger journals and get a fast but thorough introduction to basic, accrual, and recurring journals. Also find out how to display an account balance and drill down to line item detail.
  • ICO520 – Finance Org Structure Numbering Conventions: Get the guidance you need to critically evaluate the options and make long-term decisions to support a growing business with flexibility in your SAP Finance system. Understand your options for segment, profit center, controlling area, and cost center numbering conventions.
  • ICO546 – Accounts Payable Boot Camp: Jumpstart your understanding of SAP’s Accounts Payable module including the entry and review of PO/non-PO Vendor Invoices and how to process manual and automated payments. Find out how to run a vendor due date age analysis report and drill down to line item details and audit documents.
  • SOLM102 – SAP Solution Manager – Test Management: Discover the most commonly used transactions in SAP’s Solution Manager to test manage an SAP system. Course lessons include test preparation, progress reports, incident status, plan creation, and impact analysis.
  • WEBI101 – SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: Learn the basic uses of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reporting including how to create, run, and format reports; use formulas; perform drill downs, and use basic query and report filters.

For full course descriptions of these new sessions, check out our online course catalog. insiderTRAINING students get unlimited access to all sessions in the course catalog for one year, so register now to get access to these and more than 100 other hands-on SAP courses.

We also offer free lessons if you’d like to try before you buy.

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