Cost Benefits of SAP HANA in the Cloud

Cost Benefits of SAP HANA in the Cloud

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A lot of business owners who have already invested in an SAP installation may not think SAP HANA is a viable option for them due to the costs to procure the enterprise class equipment needed to support the powerful in-memory database, but are eager to leverage all of the capabilities that SAP HANA has to offer. SAP HANA cloud would be the perfect solution, to save your organization money and time on hardware, but still reap the business benefits and boosted performance SAP HANA is sure to deliver.

SAP HANA is more affordable than you think. Many businesses can get apprehensive when contemplating an SAP HANA solution. The servers for onsite enterprise application hosting that are required particularly for SAP HANA appliances, with their optimized processors, optimized memory, and redundant hardware can incur an additional investment. One such solution is to leverage your existing hardware to build a tailored data integration (TDI) solution, but it can be complex and requires additional external support.

It’s important to note that SAP HANA’s Hardware data compression reduces server requirements, cutting hardware expenses altogether. SAP HANA’s ability to dissolve boundaries between transactional, operational, and analytical functions cuts middleware, slashing software costs. On top of that, SAP HANA is easier and less time-consuming to optimize and use than other SAP implementations, which means less money spent on administrative and development. Your mileage may vary based on needs, existing licenses, and other factors, but if you still view SAP HANA as a pricey luxury, it’s time to take another look.

A recent cost-based analysis conducted by analyst group Forrester shows that migrating an SAP implementation to SAP HANA can save money — even on hardware. An average organization would save 37% on the TCO over just 3 years — and that doesn’t even factor in the real time business benefits that SAP HANA provides.

A managed cloud can make SAP HANA even more affordable.  By leveraging the right SAP HANA cloud partner you can actually save even more money when implementing or migrating to SAP HANA. For example, Symmetry’s SAP HANA cloud services can cut costs across the board, saving you up to 50% on hardware, alone. Our partners only pay for the hardware they use, which means you won’t have to stock up on extra hardware for future growth.

Symmetry’s managed IT services can save even more on the design, migration, and day-to-day operation of your SAP HANA cloud. Our SAP-certified team provides a complete range of SAP Managed Services, and boast some of the best customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. We’ll keep your system optimized, stable and secure, leaving your internal IT free to focus on strategic goals.

Symmetry’s cloud disaster recovery services provide further savings. You’ll pay a low monthly rate, covering only the resources used. In an emergency, you could quickly scale up to a backup installation. To have that flexibility with onsite DR, you’d need to build and operate an entire redundant system. And with your cloud disaster recovery safe in our secure data center, your data will be secure even if a flood or fire damages your facilities.

Early adopters will thrive in the SAP HANA cloud. SAP HANA goes way beyond incremental improvement. It’s a blazingly fast system that cuts software complexity, allowing businesses to revolutionize mission critical applications while saving money. Join the Symmetry SAP HANA cloud while your competitors still think it’s just a costly frill. By the time they figure it out, they’ll have some serious catching up to do.

For more information to get started with Symmetry’s SAP HANA cloud solution, request a free quote.

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