Avantra Unveils Cloud Edition for RISE with SAP

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Customers can automate workflows across cloud, legacy, and third-party implementations

⇨ The Avantra Cloud edition offers a single point of access to service and operating data, supporting over 300 RISE with SAP services

⇨ Avantra's automation tool is integrated with Managecore's RISE with SAP companion solution ManagecoreiQ+

Avantra, the AIOps platform for SAP operations automation, announced their Cloud edition for RISE with SAP. This edition empowers RISE customers to automate their cloud, on-premise, and third-party operational activities as they transition their business operations to the cloud.

RISE with SAP has streamlined the process for SAP customers to migrate their applications to the cloud under a single contract. However, customers remain responsible for the operation of their applications. The Cloud edition for RISE with SAP bridges this operational gap by offering capabilities to automate workflows across cloud, legacy, and third-party implementations.

The Avantra Cloud edition for RISE with SAP serves as a centralized access point for service and operational data supporting over 300 RISE with SAP services. These services encompass configuration management for regulated industries, one-off services, and cloud application services. The platform caters to more than 100 services where customers retain responsibility, such as managing data files, determining security requirements, and implementing end-to-end application monitoring.

Avantra’s platform enables customers to choose between running these services on cloud servers or partitioning them onto legacy operating systems. This flexibility provides opportunities for cost reduction and strategic advantages allowing businesses to align their operations according to their needs.

Avantra introduced the new Cloud edition at SAP Sapphire, where they demonstrated their efforts to enhance results and add context to their data analysis capabilities through intelligent automation.

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