Audit and Risk Management:  Plug & Play for SAP ERP

Audit and Risk Management: Plug & Play for SAP ERP

It’s a volatile time to be in business. Not only is there more pressure on people and processes caused by constant technological disruption, but we are also now living in a world of ever-increasing risk, legislation, and regulation.
Magnitude Every Angle has long helped companies to understand the root causes of issues and bottlenecks in service, as well as driving dramatic improvements in data quality. EA4GRC, a “plug-and-play” module for Governance, Risk and Compliance, applies Magnitude Every Angle’s unique capability to provide actionable insights to financial processes in order to control risk.
In this session, we will demonstrate how this solution can be used to:
- Provide transparency for key operational processes subject to risk
- Control, analyze, and improve business processes that require audit and risk management
- Ensure continuous process control on key daily activities

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