Unlock Data’s Value in SAP Integration Programs

Unlock Data’s Value in SAP Integration Programs

Deeper Insights Can Help Drive The Business Agility Sought By Leaders

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SAP system integrations go beyond SAP – 90% of organizations support non-SAP to SAP integration, while only 78% perform SAP to SAP integration, according to SAPinsider research. This means that when defining a data integration strategy, organizations need to prepare to work with data in both their SAP systems and non-SAP systems.

Unlocking the full value of data in SAP system integrations does not necessarily mean transitioning it from one system to the next. An intelligent API-led approach can bring everything into view on a single platform.

Additionally, machine learning drives deeper insights and business agility, the primary drivers for SAP integration. For example, organizations can train a machine learning application to understand the errors in data and improve quality amid SAP technology transitions.

SAP customers often struggle with integrating their SAP data, applications, and processes. Poor data is a foundational problem, but equally important is access to the data. Data quality is another issue in the transition from one system to another.

"By bringing everything into a single platform and intelligently unifying the data through data management tools, an organization can get a single trusted view of the data, and by extension, its entire business," says Iain Harfield, Senior Solution Engineer at TIBCO.

In this Technology Insight, SAPinsider’s Vice President of Research Robert Holland talks with Harfield to discuss:

- What organizations need to consider as they build out their SAP integration strategies.
- The primary business drivers for SAP integration and the role that business leaders, architects, and users have in setting the SAP integration strategy.
- Implementing a strategy that provides a better IT landscape and allows for better connectivity of applications, application data, and business.
- TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence platform, which is built on three critical pillars of capability – customer intimacy, operational excellence, and business reinvention.

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