The Increasing Importance of SAPinsider DART Methodology

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Key Takeaways

⇨ SAPinsider DART methodology is leveraged as the research framework for all our research.

⇨ DART methodology helps bridge the gap between technology and the underlying business drivers that drive the need for that technology.

⇨ Current complex business environment makes leveraging research methodologies like DART an imperative.

SAPinsider DART Methodology

SAPinsider will publish Inventory Management and Optimization research reports in November 2022. If you are familiar with our research, you know we use a proprietary framework called DART, which stands for Drivers, Action, Requirements, and Technology, to conduct our research. While we explain the method extensively in our reports and webinars, we believe that as the business environment around us develops, the relevance and need for technology research methods beyond capturing survey statistics have become much more important. The SAPinsider DART method is explained in all our research reports, including the most recent ones like SAP Infrastructure and Landscape Trends and Global Tax Management Benchmark Report.

Technology Research Needs to Go Beyond Numbers and Percentages

The imperative to leverage innovative research methodologies like SAPinsider DART can be best highlighted with the help of our upcoming research topic on inventory management. Companies across industries have been struggling with inventory-related issues. What is the primary aspect that they are struggling with? Is it because they do not have the tools to calculate their needed inventory?

What Does This Mean for SAPinsiders?

I think of most business challenges as a combination of people, processes, and technology issues. The process component is as important, if not more, than technology. When looking for the root cause of issues at a high level, we dig into complex drivers and jargon. Sometimes, because of our fear of highlighting, there are some ways to look at the problem and solve it. Because that may show that we could not see a simple angel in this business issue. Something as simple as Little’s Law has the potential to address some challenges that both developing and developed nations are facing today.

SAPinsider DART methodology aims to bridge the gap!

The method goes beyond the numbers captured from the survey to dig deeper into the underlying business imperatives that led to the challenges or technology buying decisions. Do you know that if you determine post-implementation that one of the sensor types you used on the shop-floor for developing digital twins is not the right fit, the origin of that problem can be traced to your IoT strategy? And that IoT strategy results from certain business drivers. If you can accurately plan the path from drivers down to technology, the probability of your technology implementations failing to deliver desired results will be minimal. At SAPinsider, we believe in this approach. Hence, when we look at survey responses, we aim to look beyond the numbers, decipher what the numbers are speaking, and how they translate into insights that SAPinsiders can use to build strategic technology capabilities.


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