Additive Manufacturing in Automotive

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Inventory management challenges keep on growing due to increasing supply chain complexities.

⇨ Additive manufacturing can play a role in helping organizations address some aspects of inventory challenges.

⇨ A careful strategy involving people, processes and technology needs to be in place to leverage the most out of this technology.

SAPinsider will publish a focused research report on Inventory  Management and Optimization in November 2022. One of the aspects that we will touch upon in the report will be leveraging emerging technologies for inventory management and planning. We take pride in that our DART methodology helps SAPinsiders understand and evaluate how they can leverage technology to address real-world challenges. One of the emerging technologies that can help address inventory management challenges is additive manufacturing. In this video, we discuss the role additive manufacturing can play with a real-world inventory management challenge example. Using technology platforms like SAP BTP and cloud-based solutions, you can develop a triage of people, processes and technology (with additive manufacturing being part of the technology bucket), to use this technology as a competitive advantage. This video highlights the importance of additive manufacturing in addressing some critical aspects of inventory management challenges.

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