How to Become an even smarter ERP Test Manager

How to Become an even smarter ERP Test Manager

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Key Takeaways

⇨ ERP testing ecosystem is changing, and so should you.

⇨ Overcome multifaceted challenges and carry out high-quality testing, ultimately ensuring an effective and dynamic ERP.

⇨ Achieve the right level of test coverage, easier and with less risk.

As an ERP test manager, you are responsible for some of the most important behind-the-scenes work, ensuring that your enterprise resource planning system is ready and able to perform its role of streamlining complex mission-critical processes. A single workflow may involve multiple personnel, various skillsets, changing conditions, and several links in a value chain of activities. With this level of intricacy, even small ERP anomalies can disrupt operations, cost the business money, and have a severe impact on your organization’s brand.

That is where your skills and insight come in. Download this ebook to gain even more insight and best practices for the modern ERP manager.

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