What to Consider When Building Your SAP E-Commerce Implementation Team

What to Consider When Building Your SAP E-Commerce Implementation Team

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Examine the technical aspects of planning and executing an SAP E-Commerce project, including the skills required and the typical tasks involved with such a project.

Key Concept

The multiple channels required to satisfy customer preferences make mySAP CRM applications more complex to deploy from a technical standpoint. Understanding the different technologies to support each channel is critical for a project success. Integration is equally important because mySAP CRM applications work as a hub for viewing customer interactions and transaction history.

mySAP CRM provides a variety of business processes in three main areas: marketing, sales, and services. What makes mySAP CRM a unique application is the different user interfaces (UIs) available to support each of its main channels: E- Commerce, Interaction Center, Field Sales, and Partner Channel Management. Each of these channels requires specific skills during the deployment.

If you currently have one of these channels and plan to deploy additional channels, you will find that implementation efforts are similar because a new channel means introducing new technology within the organization. You can use existing business processes, but the new landscape components often require additional, and sometimes nonexistent, skill sets.

Let’s focus on SAP E-Commerce. I’ll explain the applications that comprise SAP E-Commerce and skills you should include on your implementation team when you deploy SAP E-Commerce. Subsequent articles will cover other areas of mySAP CRM. Refer to the “Related Articles” sidebar to see CRM Expert articles that offer additional information about implementing SAP E-Commerce.

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