Securing the Intelligent Enterprise from Cyberattacks

Securing the Intelligent Enterprise from Cyberattacks

RoundTable - Wednesday May 5 at 10 AM ET

Meet the Experts

Join Onapsis and SAP as we highlight how to address security and compliance issues so you can protect your mission-critical applications. In this session we will discuss the latest threat landscape targeting SAP applications, the importance of keeping up with patches and the need to continuously assess and monitor SAP applications to quickly detect and respond to issues and threats—keeping you protected. Learn how you can integrate SAP applications into your cybersecurity and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs.

Join this RoundTable to learn:

  • How threat researchers work with SAP to continually improve security for customers
  • Recent threat landscape discoveries and recommendations for a secure and compliance SAP landscape
  • The benefits of this partnership for SAP customers
  • How to assess your SAP applications for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Why you need to continuously monitor for internal and external threats to ensure your mission-critical application are protected
  • How to ensure digital transformation initiatives are successful and protected, despite an expanding threat landscape

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