How does Edge Computing Unlock New Opportunities for Your Organization?

How does Edge Computing Unlock New Opportunities for Your Organization?

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Advances in technology, through automated, cloud-based solutions, have liberated tax, IT, and finance professionals from a multitude of software related, administrative tasks. Tasks like monitoring, coding, testing, and re-deploying changes to software, any time an update is made, taking valuable time away from needed resources. While cloud-based solutions host a variety of advantages, there are aspects to consider, for example network bandwidth and latency, that may negatively impact certain solutions that require top performance and speed (e.g., a business’s tax determination engine for sales & use, VAT, and GST that connects with an ERP).

As you migrate to the cloud, there are ways around those potential shortcomings and after the session you will be able to:

  • Understand current business trends uniting tax, finance, and IT on their journey to migrate to the cloud
  • Recognize the potential shortcomings that the cloud could have on tax determination for sales & use, VAT, and GST systems
  • Identify the implications of edge computing and its’ ability to resolve the limitations of moving to the cloud

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