Data-Driven S/4HANA Transformations with Process Mining

Data-Driven S/4HANA Transformations with Process Mining

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If you understand the migration to S/4HANA not just as a software purchase, but as a foundation of your enterprise transformation, the benefits can be huge. But that doesn’t mean that this multi-year, multi-million dollar project doesn’t pose significant risks to disrupt your business.

Without real-time data insights, process intelligence, and strategic action to drive process standardization and optimization before, during, and after the migration, companies risk ending up mired in the same swamp of negative ROI that so many other ERP projects get stuck in. In fact, Gartner estimates that 60% of ERP migrations are perceived as having failed because they’re believed to have compromised the business.

View this webinar on-demand learn how process mining technology helps address common challenges in S/4HANA migrations and ensures value realization at every stage.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why the complexity of your IT landscape is both the greatest challenge and opportunity when aiming to transform your enterprise as part of a S/4HANA transformation.
  • Why process mining technology delivers a data-driven approach to understand how your IT systems and operations really work.
  • How these insights can be used to bulletproof the entire S/4HANA journey, from planning and design through rollout and adoption.

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