Video: Digital River Talks Global Ecommerce Payments and Compliance Trends

Video: Digital River Talks Global Ecommerce Payments and Compliance Trends

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by Ogo Nwanyanwu, Research Director, SAPinsider

Financial transaction compliance is a complex process that can impact an organization’s ability to provide customers with a positive ecommerce experience. Creating a positive ecommerce customer experience is very important for organizations to grow digital business models globally in the current operating environment. Finance transactions such as cross-border ecommerce transactions come with their own set of compliance requirements, adding complexity for SAPinsider organizations. For example, different countries have different regulations and tax structures, requiring organizations to prepare for the various scenarios they may encounter.

Another important consideration is how payments will be processed. Some organizations may preference payment processing in the destination country to minimize conversion fees and other associated costs. In addition, social media transactions present their own set of challenges. Not only do businesses need to comply with the various compliance requirements of the countries involved, but they also need to ensure that their social media interactions are consistent with their branding and marketing messages. There is no one solution for all locations so it will be important for ecommerce merchants to have a solution tailored to their e-commerce region.  Automation of the back office functions allows for greater prioritization of ecommerce strategy and customer experience. As a result, organizations are evaluating back-office automation solutions to address needs across ecommerce use-cases and regions. Digital River offers support for organizations investing in back-office automation with its Payments, Tax, Fraud, & Compliance Management application in the SAP Store.

SAPinsider recently sat down with Jason Nyhus, Senior Vice President Global Sales and Alliances at Digital River to provide insight on this critical topic within our SAPinsider community.

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