Video: Building a Platform for the Future

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Deploying a platform for the future involves answering questions around sustainability, innovations, and integration with other applications

⇨ Finding the right partner to assist with these challenges can help ensure the success of these deployments

While most organizations are in the process of updating or transforming their SAP landscape over the next few years, there are a number of challenges that they must address to complete this successfully. One of the biggest of these challenges is the move to SAP S/4HANA, something nearly a quarter of the respondents to recent SAPinsider research are trying to coordinate with their infrastructure changes. But the other decisions they must make can be just as important. How can systems be moved to the cloud? What is the right cloud environment and platform to use? How can supply chain stability be ensured? How sustainable is new infrastructure? What happens to an existing landscape after it is replaced? All these are questions that must be answered by organizations planning infrastructure change.

In this video interview with Andreas Schmidt, Offering Manager for SAP Digitalization at T-Systems, we discuss the challenges facing organizations today, what they need to build platforms for the future, and why it is critical that they find the right hosting partner.

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