Expert Q&A: Best Practices for Continuous Control Monitoring

Expert Q&A: Best Practices for Continuous Control Monitoring

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Many SAP users are simplifying and automating continuous control monitoring (CCM) to manage their GRC environment. Marie-Luise Wagener-Kirchner, Vice President of Governance, Compliance and Digital Services at SAP, recently sat down with SAPinsider to share best practices for CCM.

Wagener-Kirchner has been involved in the SAP ecosystem for approximately 20 years, always with a focus on audit controls and security. In her current role she is responsible for internal and external reporting, governance around reporting guidelines and policies, and for the GRC systems and the automated internal controls at SAP.

In the following video she explains how customers are utilizing CCM in innovative ways, what components make up a good control setup for successful monitoring, and common pitfalls that organizations should watch out for.

First, says Wagener-Kirchner, you need to understand where the control comes from, what makes a good control, and be able to identify inherent risk in your business processes.

Watch the video to learn more.


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