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Snow Software is changing the way organizations understand and manage their technology consumption. Our technology intelligence platform provides comprehensive visibility and contextual insight across software, SaaS, hardware and cloud. With Snow, IT leaders can effectively optimize resources, enhance performance and enable operational agility in a hybrid world. Snow is the only native SAP asset management solution and has been certified for SAP License Management by ITAM Review, The SAP® Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) and KPMG. To learn more, visit

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  • Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software Datasheet image

    Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software Datasheet

    Snow Optimizer for SAP Software, a SAP certified application, provides complete SAP license management through a single integrated console.

  • SAP License Management image

    SAP License Management

    : Keep your SAP environment in check with automated license administration, usage tracking and cost calculation.

  • Snow Optimizer for SAP Software image

    Snow Optimizer for SAP Software

    With Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software, you can optimize and automate your SAP license management from a single integrated console.

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  • Five Ways to Optimize Spending on Your SAP Estate

    Navigate SAP Licensing Complexity to Control and Limit Costs This guide provides five key initiatives to drive significant savings on SAP Software through effective Software Asset Management.
  • Four Steps to Reduce SAP Indirect Access Risk

    A Guide to Ensure You Get Full Visibility of Your SAP Estate This guide reveals four steps to reduce this risk, to ensure you have the detailed information required to understand your current licensing situation, to uncover existing issues and minimize any future Indirect Access risks.
  • Are You Prepared for the Big Move to S/4HANA?

    Manage Existing and Future – SAP Licensing Usage and Spend Join this webinar to learn how Snow can help you: Develop the foundation: Identify your existing usage and spend Ease the migration: Mitigate resources and costs associated with the licensing changes See into the future: Assess future licensing costs
  • Overcome Common SAP Licensing Pitfalls

    Efficiently Maximizing the Value of Your SAP Investment Find out, in this short webinar what maintaining SAP licensing entails and how Snow can help you to: Keep up with changes to SAP licensing, such as digital or Indirect Access Achieve higher levels of efficiency through automation Maximize the value of investments in SAP software
  • Are You Prepared for the Big Move to S/4HANA?

    Migrate to SAP® S/4HANA… without Overpaying This practical guide provides a step-by-step approach to the key issues and considerations to ensure a well-planned migration.
  • SAP Digital Access Revealed

    Get Full Indirect Access Transparency Find out, in this short webinar where SAP experts from Deloitte and Snow Software, reveal the details and help you to: Get clarity on SAP Digital Access licensing and how to get full transparency of all your Indirect Access scenarios to avoid unexpected costs Understand changes in SAPs license audit…