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  1. Video Q&A: Dr. Steve Hunt discusses the post-COVID return to the office

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    Video Q&A: Dave Maloney Provides an Overview of the SAP Business Technology Platform

  3. Video Q&A : Wolfgang Epting shares strategic insights on Data Management best practices


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    Asia-Pacific Leads Cloud Adoption for Data Management and Warehousing

    Reading time: 1 mins

    SAPInsider’s research of 213 members show that Asia-Pacific leads in appetite to host data on the cloud, and deploying broad enterprise strategy across SAP and non-SAP data.
  2. Live from SAPinsider Studio: Why Cybersecurity Is Not Just an Issue for IT

    Thomas Frenehard, Director of GRC Solution Management at SAP, describes the dangers for organizations that assume cybersecurity is merely an IT issue . Topics covered include: The latest cybersecurity trends, methods, and breaches to watch out for The steps SAP customers can take to achieve cyber excellence The benefits of moving to a unified view of risk management… This content...…
  3. Live from SAPinsider Studio: Mike Timm on SAP Payroll and Payroll Control Center

    Mike Timm, Founder and Managing Partner, Integrated Consulting Group, visits with SAPinsider Studio at the HR 2017 event in Orlando, Florida, to discuss SAP Payroll, SAP Payroll Control Center, and moving payroll to the cloud with SAP SuccessFactors. Topics of this discussion include: Payroll automation functionality, including process models and third-party remittance Maturity of the…...…
  4. Live from SAPinsider Studio: SAP Payroll Q&A from HR 2017

    Mike Timm of Integrated Consulting Group and Marty Schmoker of United Launch Alliance visit with SAPinsider Studio at the HR 2017 event in Orlando, Florida, to discuss questions posed by attendees of the SAP Payroll Q&A session at the conference. Timm and Schmoker served as session moderators. Topics of this discussion include: The level of…...…
  5. Live from SAPinsider Studio: Talent Hybrid and Side-by-Side Approaches to HR in the Cloud

    Rinky Karthik, Senior HR Solution Architect, itelligence, joins SAPinsider Studio at the HR 2017 conference to discuss some of the considerations and approaches for moving to SAP SuccessFactors. Topics of this discussion include: The benefits of talent hybrid and side-by-side approaches for deploying SAP SuccessFactors to complement core HR on-premise Why alignment between HR and…...…
  6. Live from SAPinsider Studio: IoT and Live Engineering

    Thomas Ohnemus, V.P., Extended Supply Chain, SAP, joins SAPinsider Studio to discuss what IoT and live engineering mean for manufacturing. Topics of this discussion include: How companies that embrace IoT are using connectivity to re-think business processes and models, and how sensors and smart devices enable this transformation The impact that real-time insight into product…...…
  7. The Future of Cloud Consumption Economics

    This video is hosted by SAPinsider and sponsored by Virtustream. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player enabled in your browser to watch the video stream. Infrastructure-as-a-service cloud growth is accelerating and complex.  The value perception is shifting from controlling the costs of IT infrastructure to enabling the business with agility…...…
  8. Live from SAPinsider Studio: Extending Business Processes with SAP Leonardo and IoT

    Tom Kurtz, Vice President, IoT Business Innovation, SAP, joins SAPinsider Studio during the IoT 2017 conference to discuss SAP Leonardo and how to derive business value from IoT technologies. Topics of this discussion include: Examples of what SAP customers are doing to use IoT to change business processes and models How the SAP Leonardo platform…...…
  9. Live from SAPinsider Studio: Putting SAP Treasury and Risk Management and SAP Cash and Liquidity Management on SAP S/4HANA

    Natasha Doerksen, Treasury Supervisor at uranium company Cameco, shares her experiences being among the first implementers of SAP Treasury and Risk Management and SAP Cash and Liquidity Management on SAP S/4HANA. Topics covered include: Why the business decided to implement these solutions in a sidecar approach How it decided the order in which to implement the…...…
  10. Live from SAPinsider Studio: A Look into a Successful SAP HANA Migration

    Chris Burns, Corporate Systems Technical Manager at Newcastle University, shares the story of his highly successful migration to SAP HANA. Topics covered include: How Newcastle University used a proof of concept to build a strong business case The profound business benefits Newcastle University gained from SAP HANA, including real-time data processing and optimized business processes…...…