Case Studies

Our library of customer case studies focuses on insights, advice, and best practices. The featured case studies highlight how customers are using SAP solutions to streamline business processes, reduce errors, increase ROI, automate workflows, and more.


  1. Mohawk Industries Harness The Power of Data with SAP HANA and Red Hat

    Reading time: 0 mins

  2. illuminate light

    Hunter Douglas Gets Illumination from SAP S/4HANA Consolidation

    Reading time: 7 mins

  3. professional mobile cell

    Launching Platforms for Personalized, Behavioral, Customer-Centric Engagement in Banking and Insurance

    Reading time: 9 mins


  1. DM and DW on Cloud report image

    Asia-Pacific Leads Cloud Adoption for Data Management and Warehousing

    Reading time: 9 mins

    Learn how Discovery Group recently partnered with SAP to extend its offerings to provide personalized, behavioral, customer-centric engagement, journeys, and outcomes for its members. On the insurance side of the business, Discovery Health created a unique program to incentivize healthy behavior through its Vitality brand, rewarding members for their healthy living choices. On the banking…
  2. Cintas Finds a Fresh Approach in the Cloud

    Reading time: 7 mins

    Learn how Cintas -- the facilities services and uniform company that services nearly one million customers throughout North America -- consolidated its segmented landscape onto SAP ERP in a private managed cloud and implemented SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. See how the business unified its platforms for billing, service orders, and…
  3. Duke University Men’s Basketball Takes Digital Game to New Heights with SAP HANA

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Duke University’s men’s basketball team, the Blue Devils, has a lot of fans, and for good reason – it has the winningest coach in college basketball history and a long history of being home to the game’s all stars. With such a long and proud history, there are innumerable statistics available on the Blue Devils,…
  4. Dalmia Bharat Group Mitigates Access Risks in Growing SAP Landscape

    Reading time: 12 mins

    Dalmia Bharat Group – whose businesses cover products ranging from cement to sugar – was growing at an impressive rate. The company expanded from $400 million to $2 billion in the course of a decade, much of this growth stemming from acquisitions of new manufacturing facilities. Such a rapid rate of acquisitions brought its own…
  5. New England Biolabs Undergoes Technology Strategy Shift

    Reading time: 11 mins

    When New England Biolabs (NEB), a provider of materials for genetic research, started experiencing double-digit growth, it became apparent that manually tracking inventory in notebooks, spreadsheets, and home-grown applications would no longer support the demand of its customers. And, because of the nature of the industry, traceability of raw materials and product costing was of…
  6. Microbattery Powers Up a New Customer-Facing Storefront

    Reading time: 8 mins

    Online shopping has become the new normal – and it’s an important way for small businesses to make their products available to potential customers. But the technology supporting ecommerce is not always easy for a small business to run. This was something Microbattery knew well; its business depends on ecommerce, but the solution it employed…
  7. Heidelberg University Hospital Partners with SAP to Improve the Health and Well-Being of Underprivileged Patients

    Reading time: 14 mins

    Every year, 500,000 women worldwide are newly diagnosed with cervical cancer.  To help prevent this disease, Heidelberg University Hospital developed a project using a biomarker that would help determine if a woman infected with HPV was at risk for developing cancer, enabling early, life-saving treatment for that woman. But reaching women in developing countries to…
  8. How AdminaHealth Helps Companies Transition to and Manage Self-Funded Healthcare Plans with SAP Business All-in-One

    Reading time: 6 mins

    For many organizations, creating a self-funded healthcare plan for employees is an attractive option for managing or even reversing rising healthcare costs and insurance premiums. With these savings come new complexities, however, as many of the administrative tasks once held by the insurance companies now fall on the organization. Enter AdminaHealth – a company primed…
  9. Creating a Culture of Collaboration at Sargent & Lundy

    Reading time: 13 mins

    When power project services company Sargent & Lundy was faced with the need to empower new staff with the knowledge to succeed, business leaders recognized the immediate need for capturing expert knowledge from seasoned, in-house specialists before they reached retirement age. This institutional knowledge could – and should – be shared with their increasingly global…
  10. Sealed Air Packages an Improved Customer Experience

    Reading time: 8 mins

    As producers of packaging materials, Sealed Air – the inventors of Bubble Wrap – helps organizations deliver products to their customers. Recently, Sealed Air has been focusing much of its energy on delivering better service to its own customers, embarking on a project to realign its customer service processes to new demands. This change, driven…