Discussing Contract Intelligence with icertis

Discussing Contract Intelligence with icertis

Contract Intelligence as Strategic Tools

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Contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions have been around for a while now. These solutions leverage technology to help manage, automate, and organize the contract process through all stages of contract lifecycle, like contract initiation, development, negotiation, compliance, and contract renewal.

These solutions not only streamline the process by standardizing the process steps, like core templates, but also help provide visibility into aspects like spend and supplier performance. As John correctly highlighted: “And now CLM is kind of becoming that next big movement inside of the corporate America, because it's really the last archaic piece of the way that organizations are doing business. If you think about it, in many circumstances, contracts are still in paper format, or PDF formats, you know, filed away in Outlook files, or more, often still in file cabinets and in different disparate systems in many circumstances around the world.”

SAPinsider invited John Karagozian, General Manager, Partner Business Development at Icertis, a leading contract intelligence solutions provider to discuss this category of solutions, that is rapidly emerging as a strategic solution, and to discuss the role these solutions can play in digital transformation journeys of organizations.

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